About Theatre Etobicoke

Theatre Etobicoke is all about comedy; our mandate is to entertain the community by producing some of the funniest comedy productions in Toronto. Our production team and volunteers work very hard to being the kind of entertainment that you would expect from a professional theatre company, but at the price of community theatre.

The History of Theatre Etobicoke

It all began with a small group of volunteers who had a passion for theatre. Little Theatre Etobicoke was formally established in the summer of 1956. With their first successful production in the fall it was clear that they had the support of the community. The next year they produced two shows, then three a year – live theatre in Etobicoke was a hit! By the early 1970’s Little Theatre Etobicoke was producing five shows a year consecutively with members and a volunteer board in the 100’s. It was clear then that this was no little group anymore, so in 1976, the board of Directors voted to have the name changed to Theatre Etobicoke (TE). Today, we continue to bring live theatre to the community. Although life moves at a much faster pace these days, there are those who still find the time to volunteer and keeps the passion alive.