“Lend Me a Tenor”

Theatre Etobicoke’s Production October 2017 On a very important night for the Cleveland Grand Opera Company, Tito Mirelli, the world-famous Italian tenor, is set to perform the starring role in Otello. Henry Saunders -- General Manager of the company -- is beyond stressed about everything turning out right, and insists that his assistant, Max -- a nervous, young fellow and secret tenor extraordinaire -- watch over Tito’s every move to ensure smooth sailing. After a huge fight with his fiery, Italian wife Maria, Tito receives a double dose of tranquilizers through a series of mishaps. Throw in Diana, an ambitious, female co-star; Maggie, Max’s giddy girlfriend; Julia, a flirty head of the opera guild; and a meddling bellhop fighting for Tito’s attention. Together, you have a recipe for comedic disaster. Max navigates the company through one catastrophe after the next -- an angry wife, a presumed death, crazy costumes, secret sex romps, and loads and loads of slamming doors and mistaken identities -- and, ultimately, takes on the role of Otello to great effect. Together, Max and Saunders find a way to save the Opera Company’s big night in grand, farcical fashion.  

Auditions:  Whitlam Studio Space - 25 Whitlam Ave, unit 3 (end of the building)

Audition Requirements:  One minute prepared comedic monologue.  There may be cold read from the script as sides will be provided.  Each ten minute audition will be an opportunity to get to know the director and Theatre Etobicoke Company.

Call backs will be an ensemble of actors who have been asked to return to work together.

Dates: June 15 from 7:00 to 9:30 PM   -   Also June 22 & 23 from 7:00 to 9:30 PM

Call backs:  TBA

Rehearsals:  Beginning Approximately Sept 8 with schedule to be determined based on cast availability. Likely Sunday rehearsals, plus two evenings/week. A Read-through plus several blocking rehearsals will be held in August.

Performance Dates: Evenings of October 26, 27, 28,  November 3, 4, Matinee on November 5

Character Descriptions: Ages listed below are guidelines only, Theatre Etobicoke may cast outside of the ranges provided.  

Max:  Assistant to Saunders. Mid thirties and rumpled. Works for Saunders, often lacking confidence, sputters, hesitates, sometimes has a swagger.. Has a passion for singing opera. IS REQUIRED TO SING. Physical comedy. Romantic scenes.  

Maggie:  Max’s girlfriend. Late twenties, pretty and quirky. Infatuated with Tito, hesitant to marry Max. Physical comedy. Required to appear in her underwear. Romantic scenes  

Saunders:  Maggie’s father, Max’s boss. Manager of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company. Mid fifties authoritarian and very upset. Loud. Physical comedy  

Maria: Tito’s wife. Sophia Loren type: busty, proud and excitable, confident and bossy, suspicious of Tito. Italian accent  

Tito Merelli: A World Famous tenor, known also as to his fans as Il Stupendo. Imposing.  Italian accent. IS REQUIRED TO SING. Physical comedy. Romantic scenes  

Bellhop:  A bellhop, Any age. Passionate about singing. Speaks some Italian. Physical comedy,  IS REQUIRED TO SING  

Diana: A soprano Mid thirties, Beautiful and sexy. See’s Tito as someone who can advance her career. Dresses seductively. Required to appear in a towel/nighty. Romantic scenes, Physical comedy  

Julia: Chairman of the Opera Guild in her sixties. Well dressed, can “strike a pose”. Physical comedy

Please email your picture and resume to or you may make inquiries directly at 647-453-4151.

  Audition Location - 25 Whitlam Ave, Etobicoke, M8V 2K1 (Clubhouse),  located behind the new Hockey "MasterCard Centre" on Kipling Ave

To receive notices on all upcoming auditions, please email your resume with photo to